Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow days are very productive

As with any project, the demolition is the most enjoyable and fastest part of the job. Chris and I had off on Monday due to the road conditions so we decided to go to the house to start other work – no point in sitting at home all day. We started off by removing the two walls in the basement that we didn’t want to keep and also the drop ceiling in that area. It took most of the morning to finish that job but we were pleased with the result. Below are before/after pictures.

Our next project was to remove the door frames in the kitchen – fairly easy but very dirty job. After that was complete we decided to remove the half bathroom in the dining room. We have hated the placement of this half bath since we first saw the house. Chris shut off the plumbing at the bathroom (the valve downstairs is stuck) and we removed the sink and all the walls. Removing the studs in this area was actually quite challenging. At both ends of each vertical board there were 5 or 6 nails holding it in place – yikes! Below are some pictures of the process.

We are leaving the toilet removal to the plumbers – but for now you can go to the bathroom and not miss any of the dinner conversation! Also by removing this bathroom the doorway from the living room to the dining room has become wider by a foot – it’s quite nice!

Another wonderful thing about this snow day was that the heating company sent out a different technician to fix our messed up system. They are doing all the work free of charge because it was supposed to be completed prior to our closing. As I write this in the house I’m in my winter coat because for the first time the boiler is not running constantly (we have the thermostats set at 50 degrees F just to keep the pipes from freezing).

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