Monday, February 17, 2014

What Studs!

We had a lot of snow this week!  After about 13 inches of snow, we got a lot of rain/sleet mix followed but a few more inches.  I think overall we ended up with 17 inches.  Samantha wasn't too thrilled because it was a little too deep to make snow angels!

Chris has been working hard on the upstairs.  He has worked a lot on the plumbing and putting up the first of the wall framing. 

He wasn't able to work as much this weekend as he had hoped because we did a couple fun things instead. 

Samantha has been talking about Mickey and Princesses for a while so we took her to see Disney on Ice with some friends.  She really seemed to enjoy it (after the first few minutes anyway!). 

The second fun thing of the weekend was a baby shower thrown by my book club.  They are such a great group of women!  They hosted a wonderful brunch and had everyone bring meals to stock our freezer (so I won't have to try to cook for a little while with two young kids). 

The one hostess is exceptionally talented for cookie decorating - look at that adorable book worm onesie cookie!

I'll end with a couple funny things from the week. 

Samantha has learned where the phone belongs...although I'm not sure her play phone will get charged this way!

And last is Samantha singing "Twinkle Star."  Her version goes like this:
"Twinkle star, what you are, bap bap high, diamond sky, twinkle star, what you are"

Hopefully we'll be able to post more upstairs progress next week!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Moving Tons of Debris

This week was all about demolition, moving things, and a little girl's birthday. 

We finished up the demolition of the upstairs.  My parents were here over the weekend and helped get everything out of the house and to the dump.  After the upstairs was cleared of debris, we went and bought a lot of stuff - studs, drywall, plumbing and electrical supplies, etc., etc.  Fortunately, my dad was able to help Chris move everything upstairs - I think my big belly would have gotten in the way!

I hosted a birthday play date for Samantha's friends.  We had some fun, did a couple crafts, made some pizza, and ate cupcakes.  She had a great time!

 While my parents were in town, we celebrated with some cake (of course!) and presents.  Samantha needs work on her candle blowing technique - she did eventually get it though!

This girl is very spoiled...too many presents!

She loved all of them though - and was very quick at opening them.

She does like to be a princess!

And I'll end this week with a video of her playing with some bubble wrap:

We may be expecting some snow this week...maybe Chris will have an extra day off work (at least we can hope!).

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Two Years Go So Quickly...

Happy Birthday Samantha!

Monday, February 3, 2014

It Always Looks Worse...

With only two months before Baby #2 arrives, it is past time to get the guest suite finished.  We had a lot of things stored up there so it took awhile to move it all to the basement.  So Saturday night after Samantha was in bed, we started demolition. 

Demolition is always fun because it's quick and the changes are very drastic.  We went from having a useable bedroom, living room, and bathroom... this:

Chris spent Sunday morning after church demolishing most of the ugliest bathroom in the world.

We're so happy to have that gone! 

One interesting ridiculous thing about the upstairs is the quantity of different tile on the floor.  From what we can see, there are seven different types/patterns of tile. 

The next couple months will be spent finishing this space and hopefully we can beat the arrival of the little one!

Speaking of the arrival of the little one, I had a couple (also pregnant) friends over on Saturday to make some freezer meals.  We spent a couple hours prepping and assembling meals.  It was a lot of food but we'll now all have 9 meals in the freezer ready for the crockpot so we can spend time caring for our newborns.

I'll end with a picture of Samantha and her favorite toy.  She has been asking us to take pictures of her bear recently (and all his body parts:  "Bobo's elbow," "Bobo's foot," etc.).

Let's hope that we can get a lot of the upstairs work accomplished in the next few weeks!