Monday, February 10, 2014

Moving Tons of Debris

This week was all about demolition, moving things, and a little girl's birthday. 

We finished up the demolition of the upstairs.  My parents were here over the weekend and helped get everything out of the house and to the dump.  After the upstairs was cleared of debris, we went and bought a lot of stuff - studs, drywall, plumbing and electrical supplies, etc., etc.  Fortunately, my dad was able to help Chris move everything upstairs - I think my big belly would have gotten in the way!

I hosted a birthday play date for Samantha's friends.  We had some fun, did a couple crafts, made some pizza, and ate cupcakes.  She had a great time!

 While my parents were in town, we celebrated with some cake (of course!) and presents.  Samantha needs work on her candle blowing technique - she did eventually get it though!

This girl is very spoiled...too many presents!

She loved all of them though - and was very quick at opening them.

She does like to be a princess!

And I'll end this week with a video of her playing with some bubble wrap:

We may be expecting some snow this week...maybe Chris will have an extra day off work (at least we can hope!).

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