Monday, April 18, 2011

Sprechen Sie Englisch?

We didn’t get much accomplished this week – mostly because we’re getting lazy. We’re also planning our vacation and part of that means that we need to learn German (and don’t have much time to do it!).

We don’t want to come home to a construction zone so we’ve been focusing on small tasks. I spent some of Sunday putting painter’s caulk on the baseboards in the living room and dining room. It is small details like this that aren’t hard but they just take time. Most of the time we were rushing so much to install the molding that we never completely finished the job (like an hour before our housewarming party!).

We also attempted to install the crown molding in the living room. We got a little frustrated so instead we went running. We made the mistake of buying the composite (plastic) molding because we thought we’d save some time on painting. Instead, the miter saw wants to melt it and it is much more difficult to cope. Even trying to use the manual miter box is difficult because it’s so slippery. So we’re considering taking it all back and buying the wood molding like we should have in the first place.

On Saturday, we went to Steve and Diane’s housewarming party. They moved into a “move in ready” house near the water last year. I can’t even imagine moving into a house where all you have to do is paint a few rooms and unpack…maybe we should consider that for the next house we move into! It was a nice party but the weather was awful – terrible storms moving up the coast made it a very rainy, windy day.

Sunday was much nicer weather so we did spend a little time in the evening outside picking up sticks. We had a lot of the branches left over from the walnut tree we cut down a couple weeks ago (we ran out of daylight and didn’t get to bundle all of them). We ended up with a dozen bundles that they took away today. It’s so nice to just place things near the street and have them disappear in a few short hours.

We’re also dog sitting this week for some friends. They are going on a cruise so we get to watch Ginger. She’s a very sweet dog but always likes to be underfoot. She gets along really well with Tucker so I’m sure he’s happy to have some company.

Hopefully we’ll be slightly more productive this week but with Easter coming up, I wouldn’t count on it!

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