Monday, July 11, 2011

One Re-finished Piece of Furniture!

At the Money Pit, we have been collecting a lot of furniture that needs to be re-finished before we can use it. One piece that has been hanging out in the basement for about 8 months (or more) was a dresser that our neighbor gave us.

The piece was in pretty good shape but there was a big crack in the top and it definitely needed to be re-finished. A long time ago, I stripped the piece and fixed the dresser top. It remained in a partially sanded condition for awhile. Chris spent a lot of the last couple weeks working on finishing up the sanding, staining, and polyurethaning. We also added some new (non-broken) handles. It looks much better – he did a great job! We’ll be using this in our bedroom temporarily until the real bedroom furniture is finished. This dresser is also our practice piece before finishing the master bedroom furniture (a.k.a. the good stuff).

This week we also got our very first food out of the garden – a nice cherry tomato! We have a ton of tomato plants this year so I have a feeling we’ll be making some salsa and pasta sauce…

Chris worked really hard over the weekend to make the front yard a little nicer looking for the short term. We had a lot of concrete slab pieces from near the basement that he reused for the front walk. We’ll probably have to use this for at least a month until we’re ready to pour concrete for our new sidewalk.

This week it is supposed to get up in the high 90s so we’ll most likely be hanging out inside…

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