Monday, July 30, 2012

Samantha’s First Trip to Camp

We didn’t do any work on the house this week.  Of course that doesn’t mean that we didn’t work…there was plenty to do with organizing the master bathroom, cleaning, doing laundry, etc., etc. 

Chris has been working a lot lately so it’s difficult for me to take care of Samantha and accomplish much during the day.  Most of the jobs I want to tackle require either a lot of dust (drywall compound), chemicals (stripping furniture), or a time limit (grouting and painting).  So I have to settle with doing smaller things like organizing and de-cluttering. 

So now, some random things from the week:

We have a huge garden spider living outside our front door.  We just hope she catches a lot of bugs!
Our basket of food for the week included watermelon, bread, lettuce, zucchini, corn, green pepper, tomatoes, basil, milk, mozzarella cheese, beef, and chicken.  Another very yummy week ahead!

This weekend Samantha and I drove up to Pennsylvania for my cousin’s baby shower.  The shower was at a campground that my family has been going to for 30+ years.  Unfortunately the weather was terrible.  There was a tornado warning, terrible thunderstorms, and a lot of rain.  We waited out the tornado warning in the van and the bathhouse. 

We only went up for the day so there was a lot less to bring (no tent, sleeping bags, etc.) but we were still able to have fun with family.  Everyone was disappointed that Chris couldn’t make it but he’ll be able to next time. 

Samantha was very good with everyone – very little crying and fussing.  Finally my parents were able to spend some time with her while still maintaining their hearing. 

There were a couple new things with the baby this week.  She just got her second tooth last night.  Hopefully there will be a break before anymore teeth come in.  She also said “MA!” but I don’t really think it was a word – mostly just making noise. 

Sitting has greatly improved lately.  Now she can sit and play with new toys.

Tucker needs to start watching out…

She moves a lot when she sleeps so it has been interesting to see where she ends up after her naps.

She is still Daddy’s girl and loves walking around the yard and garden with him.

We’re blessed to have such a joyful baby.

It is getting much, much harder to get her weekly photos!

This week we start Water Babies…we hope Samantha is like a little fish!

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