Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Class of 1992 and Deck Dreams

Early in the week, Samantha and I went to apply for a permit to build a deck off the back of the house.  Right now there is an ugly, awful, tiny back porch that is not really good for anything. 

We want a large deck so we can have a nice place to eat and relax outside.  Plus Chris wants to be able to keep the grill outside (it currently resides in the garage and has to be moved for each use).  Our plan is to build a 16' x 16' deck with a few wide steps leading to what will become the patio (at a much later date).  We don't plan on anything fancy but we do want to paint it white when the wood dries out.

I had to provide a plot plan to get the permit.  The permit has still not been issued but it is in review so hopefully we'll have it by the end of the week.

We hope to start the demolition of the porch (or hire someone to do it) next week. 

I took Samantha to get her 6 month pictures taken.  We were not happy with the results at all - she didn't smile in a single picture and most of the time just looked annoyed!  I'm going to a friend's house this week to use her professional set up to hopefully get some better ones!

Our food for the week contained eggplant, potatoes, zucchini, green peppers, tomatoes, leeks, peaches, cantaloupe, flowers, pork chops, ground turkey, bacon, eggs, bread, and milk.  Yummy!


It's hard to believe but we celebrated Chris' 20 year high school reunion this past weekend.  We traveled to Ohio to attend the school's "Steak Feast."  I wasn't able to get a good picture of the class together but here are a few of them chatting.  It was quite a party!

Samantha got to spend some quality time with her grandparents.  They took her on a lot of walks along the road.  She also got to watch the cars drive by and play on the swings at the park. 

Chris' parents had given away a lot of their baby toys years ago (there was a very large gap between grandchildren 10 and 11!).  Samantha was content to play with measuring cups, a dryer ball, and some plastic apples in a basket (a grandchild favorite).  She also had fun with a shiny red car. 

She is sooo close to crawling - we think it'll be within a week or two that she'll be speeding across the room.

She is still a Daddy's girl.  Just last night she said "Dada" for the first time!  I was out of the room the first time she said it but she was nice enough to say it a few more times.  

Samantha continues to explore new foods.  This week she tried prunes - she liked them and made a mess with them too.

Lately when we've been giving her a bath each night, she wants to turn sideways in her little bathtub.  And of course she's always chewing on the rubber ducky.

Her weekly pictures:

Let's hope Samantha cooperates and we're able to get some nice 6 month pictures this week!

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