Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Now We Sleep (for at least a week straight!)

Well all of our late (and I mean 4:00 AM late) nights paid off.  We now have the rec room finished (with a couple exceptions) - and it was just in time for Samantha's birthday party.

We spent a lot of time finishing drywall compound, priming, painting, finishing stairs, installing trim, etc., etc.  We are both completely exhausted and are happy that we can go to bed at a reasonable hour.

My friend, Mindy, was kind enough to come watch Samantha for a few hours on Tuesday.  Chris took off of work that day and we were able to get all of the doors installed.  These are the doors to the laundry room, workshop, and eventual apartment.  Let's just say that installing doors is one of the activities that makes you want to poke your eyeball out with a shim.

Wednesday was all about the paint and trim - this room was very (extremely) bright with the primed walls.  We chose a shade of blue that took away the need to squint or shield your eyes when you're downstairs.  The picture below is a little darker than it looks in real life.

We got the carpet installed on Thursday and it made such a difference.  It took what was a large, loud, echo-y room and turned it into a nice, warm, quiet space.  

So in five short weeks we went from this...cold, dark, disgusting, and not level.

To this...bright, warm, level, and welcoming!

We still have a little work to do down here but it's mostly small things:
Install trim around fireplace and stairs
Caulk the trim
Touch up paint
Finish drywall in stairwell
Prime and paint stairwell
Finish painting toe kicks, treads, and railing/balusters

One area of major improvement was the stairs.  They aren't even done yet but they are so much better!

Samantha was fun this week.  I made the mistake of feeding her some pasta while the dog was in the kitchen this week.  Not only did she turn herself into a little Mel Gibson Braveheart wanna-be but she put pasta sauce covered hands on the dog.

We're spending some time each day playing with Samantha in the basement - it was totally worth it!

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