Sunday, March 10, 2013

Almost Solar Powered...

This week we passed the county inspections for the solar panels.  Woohoo!  One step closer.

Once that was completed, the electric company sent out a technician to swap out our meter for a net meter.  This new meter will go in both directions - what we use and what we produce.  The goal would be for us to be in negative numbers during the spring and summer (producing more than we're using) so that we can use those credits in the winter when we won't produce as much. 

Now all we need is a letter from the electric company that allows us to flip the switch to turn on the system.  Hopefully that will happen early this week. 

This weekend was absolutely beautiful!  We went to a local nursery to get started on our landscaping.  The plants we ended up buying were for around the deck and at the end of the driveway.  We planted the ones around the deck but have to wait for the Miss Utility to come out to mark for the driveway plants. 

We are absolutely clueless when it comes to designing landscaping for the front of the house so we are hiring a landscape architect to come up with the plan.  It doesn't cost much and we get it all back as a discount when we buy the plants from the nursery.  It will be a lot of work but the house value will increase a lot.

On Sunday, after church, I spent a few hours with my new pressure washer.  I cleaned the two sides of the house.  The side of the garage has a stucco-like siding that had a ton of yucky green and black all over.  It came off pretty well but it still needs some repair and a good coat of paint. 

The other side of the house is all brick.  This is the shady side - it only gets sun for a short time in the evening.  So there was 53 years worth of dirt and mildew on the brick and mortar.  There was quite a difference from before and after here.

These are the types of jobs that I hate doing - they take a lot of time but you don't see a big difference.  In other words, you only notice when it's gross - not when it's clean. 

Chris spent some time brewing another award winning beer this weekend.  This time it was a Black IPA. 

I was able to finish all the felt pieces for the exchange I'm hosting.  They turned out pretty well.  I'm just glad I didn't wait until the last minute!


Samantha has been making progress with some things recently.  She tends to stick out her tongue when she's concentrating really hard!

She helped put up some Easter themed window clings - a lot of them ended up on top of each other though.

She is getting better at stacking the blocks - not just knocking them over anymore. 

That's about it for this week - next week we should be solar powered for real!

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