Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Sheeps" are fun!

We had a pretty busy week.  Our big outings were a Mommy and Me dance class and the science center.  Samantha had a lot of fun at both but she was a little shy participating at the dance class.

Over the weekend, we just relaxed and ended up going to the sheep and wool festival on Sunday after church.  Samantha kept calling them "sheeps" and wouldn't stop no matter how many times we tried to correct her.   

Samantha has been trying to be nice to Josh - here she is showing him how to do a "puzzle."

Josh is a pretty good baby but he seems to be grumpy in the evenings...

Samantha is very independent and always wants to choose her clothes (and dress herself too).  I think we need to work on her style a little bit...

Our CSA type company gave Josh a present - his very own Friends and Farms onesie! 

Hopefully this weekend we'll be able to get some things accomplished - it's hard with two little ones though!

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