Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Berries are In!

This was a slow week work wise due to the rain almost every day.  Another reason is the Chris had to go in to work on Saturday morning.  We were able to move some of the base gravel for the upper patio this evening.  The pile in the driveway is getting smaller and smaller - pretty soon we'll be able to park side by side again!

We did have some fun - I took the kids to the summer reading kickoff celebration at the library on Saturday, we went to a cookout with friends, and we had our sister-in-law and niece stop by for a visit. 

Our garden is looking better and better - probably the healthiest plants we've had in this garden.  Our strawberries are doing great in the planter box I made.  We've been able to harvest a few handfuls every day so it has become our "dessert" after dinner.  Delicious!

Josh continues to grow like a (chubby) weed.  He's 16 pounds now and he's on track to exceed the Skocik family record of 18 lb. at 3 months old.  He's awake a lot more during the day and starting to smile a lot more too.  I tried to get a picture of the adorable open mouthed baby grin but they didn't turn out well so this is all I have for this week.

Hopefully this week we'll have some nice evenings to continue hauling tons of gravel so we can put in the upper patio soon!

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