Tuesday, August 12, 2014

County Fair and Enormous Baby

We had a pretty fun and eventful week here.  We spent some time with friends going to the gym and pool.  The highlight for Samantha though was going to the County Fair. 

We met some friends there and she had a good time seeing the baby animals...

...playing on large digging equipment...

...and enjoying the corn box.

Josh, however, was slightly less impressed.

I do think that with all the gardening work she helps us with, she may want to be a farmer when she grows up!

I took Josh to his 4 month checkup this week as well.  As expected, he is enormous.  He's technically back "on" the chart with weight at 98th percentile (19 lb. 13 oz.) and way, way off with length at 28 1/8 inches long.  Other than that, he's very healthy so we are very pleased.  

One thing the doctor said at Josh's appointment was that we need to try to get rid of the flat spot on his head so there will be a lot of tummy time in this little boys future!  

I was asked to join my Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group steering team this year.  I will be helping out with crafts.  The theme of this year is "Be You Bravely" and it's all about courage and taking risks.  So the steering team got together for the once a year planning session...and started it with a high ropes course challenge. 

It was a lot of fun - and quite challenging as well.  There was a lot of balancing required and both physical and mental challenges.  Here are a couple pictures taken of me from the day.

And here is a picture to gain some perspective on how high up we were during the course.

I didn't realize how challenging it was until Sunday morning when I went to pick up Josh in his carrier and my forearms were aching badly.  I guess I used muscles that are normally pretty inactive!

We had hoped to get the final wall sections on the patio built but instead we spent Sunday doing yard work.  Someday soon it will be complete!

I seem to be ending with a cute kid picture lately so here's another one.  Sometimes when we arrive home from a play date, Josh is passed out.  I try not to move him until I have Samantha's lunch ready in case I can't transfer him to the crib.  Many times when I come to get him I realize that Samantha has been taking care of him in the meantime.  This is her favorite bear "Bobo" and "owl betit"...at least she's sharing!

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