Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer is Here (i.e. IT"S HOT!)

We did a lot of work this weekend.  Most of the work involved moving things from one part of our house to another so that we can tackle our last MAJOR project (yes, there are still some minor ones left too). 

The last major project is finishing the rest of the basement.  It is about 900 sq. ft that is currently a disaster.  Here's a reminder of what this part of the basement looked like when we first bought the house.


Yes, it was bad, confusing, and moldy.  We can only assume that they planned on this being a separate apartment (although not a legal one).  We've opened everything up and (with the exception of the bathroom) will be one large space.   

After a little demolition, we were able to install most of the foam insulation before the weekend was out.  We have to leave a few of the half studs in place because there is wiring on them currently.


We did have a lot of fun this weekend too.  My parents came down and we celebrated my dad's birthday on Friday.  On Saturday, we drove down to Karsyn's Karnival.  It is a carnival to raise awareness for Down syndrome.  A family friend started the carnival for her youngest daughter and it was a great event.  The kids loved the petting zoo and the pony rides in particular (even though Josh doesn't look very happy!).

I'll finish with a couple other kid pictures - Josh enjoying dinner (after playing in the pool) and Samantha with one of her huge block castles.


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