Monday, June 15, 2015

Late Spring (But Feels Like Summer) Fun

We had a very busy week.  It's not quite summer yet but it's been ridiculously hot and humid here. 

Samantha went to a preschool playground play date to meet some of her new classmates.  She was of course shy but did make a couple new friends so hopefully she'll get to have more fun at the next one. 

I took Josh to a "Kanga Training" class through our Parents as Teachers program.  It was a tough workout since Josh is getting very heavy but he was so comfy during the class that he fell asleep halfway through.

I got to do a couple fun things too.  I attended a fundraiser called "Power of the Purse" and bought a couple large bags to use for library books and diapers.  I've never attended an event like this but I did have fun. 

I also got to go out to dinner with the girls.  It's been a fun monthly activity and Chris is great to watch the kids while I have some mommy time. 

The highlight of the week though was when our good friends Traci and Jim stayed for a couple days with their two daughters.  It was wonderful to see them - it had been so long!  Samantha and their daughter, Claire, got along really well.  It was wonderful to see them become fast friends.  They all left to go on vacation on Saturday morning and we hope they have a fun trip. 

We used the weekend to do some fun family activities.  It started with the "Power of the Past" event at the Farm Heritage Museum.  They had a lot of old bulldozers, buckets, and tractors running - as well as lawn mower racing.  We also toured the "before electricity" house, schoolhouse, and museum.  Here are some pictures from our visit.


Josh also got to try his first french fry (I think he liked it!).

We really tired him out too!

After naps, we went to the Shrine of St. Anthony for their festival.  It was a great event with activities for the kids.  They got to go on pony rides which they really enjoyed. 

There was also a scavenger hunt that took us all over the shrine grounds and at each stop Samantha got to collect a bead for a rosary bracelet.  It was a fun activity that got us to see places we wouldn't have had an opportunity to go visit. 

We didn't get much work done on the house - we enjoyed having a little break!

I'll end with a few pictures of Josh this week. 

He enjoys imitating his big sister - here with a Minnie Mouse necklace.

As well as sitting in her chair to read a good book.


And finally feeding himself his yogurt at breakfast (although quite a bit messier!).  

Maybe this week we'll get more work completed after having this nice break!

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