Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fence, Sunroom, and Basement Progress

We got a LOT accomplished this weekend.  My parents came to town and my mom babysat while we worked hard on some big projects.  It was insanely hot and I think we all lost multiple pounds in sweat alone. 

One big eyesore in the backyard was this space behind the garage that used to be a poorly built shed area.  Since we tore the shed down, we've taken to stashing (in a very unorganized manner) random junk from other projects.  In order to hide this ugly area, we installed a couple fence panels.

I still have to finish painting it to match the other fence but it's already a huge improvement!

The entrances to the weird shed were a couple dwarf doors - one from the yard and the other from the sunroom.  Since we want the sunroom to look nice and be functional, we needed to remove the door and fix the wall.  

The wall was very poorly built - it curves like an "S."  The correct way to fix it would have been to remove the whole wall and rebuild it.  Of course we didn't want to do another huge project so we did the next best thing.  My dad removed the old door and frame and installed cinder blocks in the opening. 


It was then fully sealed but was still curvy and ugly.  We added a frame, some paneling, and trim to make it a lot nicer.  I still need to paint this wall but it is an enormous improvement over the dwarf door.  

We also had an electrician friend come over to start installing the wiring for the unfinished space of the basement.  He was able to finish over half of the outlets and even got a few of the lights installed.  We put in a little bit of drywall on Sunday evening but have a lot more to do.  It will be a great space when it's finished.

This week, the kids had swim lessons.  Josh did alright in water babies with me (just having fun in the water).  Samantha was in an independent class and did her usual non-participating for the first two days of class.  After a couple nice talks with her, she finally decided to at least try for the last couple days.  Here's a video of her kicking - we just need to keep working on it!

 I'll just end on a cute picture of Samantha.

Hopefully we'll get a lot accomplished this week too!

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