Monday, February 8, 2010

Cabin Fever!

We had a completely unproductive week at the house. The contractor didn’t show up all week and we didn’t have the opportunity to get to the house this weekend. One thing we did accomplish is to get the kitchen cabinets ordered, and they should be arriving mid-March.

Most of you reading this had similar weather to us this past weekend. For us, work closed before 1:00PM on Friday afternoon and the snow started falling shortly after. The snow finally stopped around 6:00PM Saturday evening. The final total snowfall was 33 inches. We probably spent about 5 hours shoveling snow – the hardest part was finding a spot to put all the snow after removing it from our cars, the sidewalk, stairs, and patio. We did have some fun early on Saturday by making a great snow fort – that’s the great part about being a big kid!

Several of the trees nearby are falling or losing branches from the weight of the snow. Our road still has not been plowed. We think it will be a couple more days before they get around to it and by that time we’ll have more snow from the next storm.

The biggest problem with the snow at the house is that we need it all to melt before the contractors can do more work. The next work they have to perform is putting on a new roof and gutters. We just hope that we’re able to get to the house before the week is out.

Below are some of our pictures of the blizzard of 2010.

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