Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Aching Backs...

Due to more snow this week we were stuck inside. We were able to get over to the house on Tuesday morning to shovel out the driveway and walkway before the next big snowstorm arrived that afternoon. It took us five hours to shovel the 33 inches of snow.

It snowed another 14 inches from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday. We got back over to the house on Friday afternoon to shovel out the additional snow. Below are some pictures of the snow and shoveling work.

Over the weekend, my parents were here to help. We removed the plywood on the kitchen floor to prepare it for installing new hardwood floor. Once it was down to the subfloor we had to re-secure the subfloor to the floor joists.

We are trying to get the house to the point where everything is prepared for the next big tasks we have. One of these tasks is to refinish the hardwood floors. To prepare for this we have removed all of the baseboards and shoe molding. There were also a lot of tacks and staples in the floor from when the bedrooms and stairs had carpeting. Each of these “prep” tasks sound easy and fast but it takes a surprising amount of time and effort to do this in the entire house.

The other big task we are preparing for is painting all the ceilings and walls. This will be the very last thing we do before moving in but we want to get all the dirty work done before we re-do the floors. Over the weekend we continued to apply drywall compound – we needed to add corner beading to the kitchen doorways, needed to straighten the ceiling joint upstairs, and needed to add more compound to the kitchen ceiling where we removed the bulkheads. Also adding drywall compound to all the nicks, holes, and dents in the walls is a job that never seems to be complete.


  1. You guys are amazing. When you're finished, and are going through renovation withdrawal, I've got a few projects awaiting you :)


  2. Yikes! I do not envy you for all of that shoveling!