Monday, March 29, 2010

Move In Day!

In order to prepare the condo for our new tenants, we had to move into the house before it is finished. This week we spent a lot of time packing everything in the condo – this was quite the task as there is not a whole lot of spare space in the condo.

My parents came down for the weekend to help us move. Saturday was a perfect day for moving – sunny and cool. We were able to move over almost everything by dinnertime. Since we’ll have work to finish at the condo the next couple weeks, we left a lot of the food, pots, pans, and dishes.

At the house, we are living in a small space so that we can finish work in other parts of the house. We are living and eating in the living room, sleeping in the dining room, and storing a lot of boxes and sports equipment in the den. Since most of the hardwood floor is still unfinished, we are using a lot of the rugs that my mom is letting us borrow – it makes for interesting d├ęcor!

On Sunday, we started our work at the condo. The big bathroom needs to be completely refinished and Chris and my dad were able to completely gut it – the toilet, tub, tile, vanity, and medicine cabinet are all gone. My mom and I removed the old vinyl floor from the kitchen and patched holes in all the walls. Towards the end of the day, Chris removed a few of the tiles in the small bathroom and found out that we need to patch some of the wall behind the shower fixtures.

This upcoming week we will continue our work in the condo so that we can pass our rental inspection.

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