Monday, April 5, 2010

Preparing the condo…

Our condo rental inspection is one week away and we still have a lot left to do. On Thursday, we began with what seemed like an infinite list of large and small items. Who better to help than Ron and Jan Bennett.

We got about half of the list crossed off over the weekend. The big jobs that we completed were installing the kitchen floor, tiling and grouting the large bathroom floor, replacing a lot of the outlets and switches, and a ton of small tasks (touch up paint, clean, patch walls, etc.). I wasn’t very good at taking pictures of the work this week but hopefully I will have good ones when the condo is complete.

During the week, our contractor installed the new tub and surround in the large bathroom on Tuesday and they re-glazed the small bathroom tub on Wednesday. By Friday, the drywall work in the large bathroom was complete and we promptly started laying out the tile. The tile was set by Saturday afternoon, but it was a bit of a challenge to get them to look good. The bare concrete floors of these building are far from flat. We also found some size irregularities in the $0.48 tile from Lowe’s. Grouting was unnecessarily challenging for this floor, too.

The small bathroom demolition began on Saturday. However, we left the one functioning toilet alone until the new one is installed. Some of the old tile were saved, meticulously scraped, and set near where the new vanity is to be installed. The slight size difference with the vanity really caused a lot of extra work. The tile was also set for the shower surround. With a little paint and a little grout it should look like new.

For Easter, we went to 6:30 mass (there was no music which made it rather depressing), had brunch, and then spent the next 16 hours working on the condo. Today we’re both pretty tired and sore but we can’t stop to rest yet – we now have two condo bathrooms that are unusable!

On house news, Tuesday was the mold inspection of the basement. We passed and the report satisfied the mortgage company. This means that today they are finally paying the contractors and hopefully we’ll get a new roof this week…I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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  1. whew sounds busy! The end is in sight though! You can do it! :)