Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot, Hot, HOT!!!

The past two weeks in Maryland have been extremely hot and humid with almost no rain. There were two record breaking temperatures set this month. Since we have no central air conditioning we had to buy and install at least a window air conditioning unit.

We’re still sleeping in the dining room and the only window the unit fits into is the living room window. It makes the living area cool but at the same time it definitely detracts from the little curb appeal we have!

Our plan for this week was to work on the hardwood floors in the bedrooms. We reserved the floor sander for the weekend and in order to be ready there was a lot of prep work.

We had to install the last few rows of boards in the master bedroom and a few boards in the medium bedroom. We also had to move all the items in the rooms – this included the guest room bed, dressers and nightstand as well as all the radiator covers. To find a place to store everything we had to re-organize things in the basement and den. Now our den is so full that all you can do is open the door – but just barely!

Saturday was our day to have fun. Chris went for a bike ride and I went to a church yard sale (I was hoping to find furniture for our other bedrooms – with no luck). Our church festival was Saturday afternoon so we spent quite a long time there. Chris picked up some eclectic pieces at the white elephant sale to decorate the house (I don’t particularly like them but they were inexpensive and the money went to the church). In the evening we started to sand the master bedroom floor.

On Sunday, we sanded, sanded, sanded. We also took a few hours to go out to eat lunch with James, Michelle, and their daughter Emma. It was nice to spend time with them. We still have a lot of sanding to do so we’ll keep the sander until we’re done.

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  1. Hi, I linked to your blog from Katie Craft's blog (she has a link to our blog too, I am Amanda of Drew and Amanda). I love what you have done so far on the house! I am a structural engineer, so I love all construction. We have done some remodeling to our condo, but not to that extent. I only have my license in CA, but if you have any structural questions I would be happy to help. Have you considered making the entire upper floor into a large master suite? Good luck with the floors!