Monday, June 7, 2010

Inspection Passed – Let the Refinance Begin!

On Tuesday we had our final inspection from the consultant. The contractor still has a couple small things to complete before I give them the final check but we should be able to re-finance soon. It will be so nice to have a much lower interest rate!

During the rest of the week we did mostly yard work – it seems to be never ending. On Friday night my parents drove down to help to re-install the hardwood floor in the master bedroom.

If you remember, in early March we were working on patching the floor in the bedroom. We were having so many issues because of the old floor installation being so crooked – it made large gaps form between many of the boards. We decided then to fix the floor properly.

The first step was to remove the old floor boards and remove the nails from them. This took most of Saturday with the four of us. We also had to re-secure the subfloor to the joists so that the floor would be level.

Before installing the boards, we had to remove the dirt from the old boards with a wire brush – it was amazing how much dirt and dust was between the floor boards. We prepped the subfloor by laying down asphalt paper and then Mom and I laid out the floor boards while the guys nailed them in. Now we have a full floor in the bedroom – hopefully we’ll be able to move into it soon! In the picture below you can easily tell which boards were new and which were old.

On Sunday night, I had to leave Maryland for California. I will be out here for two weeks for training for work. My trip out was pretty awful but I think the training will be very interesting.

While I was in the air, our neighbor across the street came over to offer some items to us. Chris gratefully accepted the table saw, sheetrock, and interior doors. These are the neighbors that are moving soon and it’s great that we’ll be able to use things that they would have thrown out.

Hopefully Chris will be able to get a lot of work accomplished while I’m away – I’ll be sure to update with photos after I get back home!

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  1. Congrats on getting so much work done! That house is going to be awesome!! Hope to get to see it someday. :) Have fun at your training!