Monday, October 25, 2010

One Year of Wedded Bliss!

One year ago we were standing at the altar in front of family and friends.

What a difference a year makes! Today, to celebrate our actual anniversary, we did yard work, napped, and Chris went to work. Actually we did have a very nice dinner at home together and we had already celebrated our anniversary over Columbus Day.

This week on the house we did get some things accomplished – the most important item was the electrical work.

If you remember a couple weeks ago we had failed our electrical inspection and were being threatened with big fines and power loss. We had 10 days to correct the issue and in that time we got bids from electricians, got the work completed, and passed our electrical inspection. Fortunately, the head electrical inspector took over this inspection and he is a million times nicer than the previous inspector we had. Now our electrical permits can be closed (along with the non-compliance threats!).

The weather this weekend was perfect for outside work – mid 70s and sunny. Both days we worked on clearing out debris in the yard – it’s everywhere!

There has been a giant pile of logs near the garage. They have been there forever and the ones on the bottom are just crumbling. This is also the area that has a ton of bricks lined up in a few spots. We moved all the bricks and large logs to the back part of the yard. We also removed all the weeds in this area – quite a task!

Clearing the debris in this area was similar to working on an archeological dig. We found so many little figures and garden statues. It apparently was a very nice garden area at one point but had since been severely neglected (just like the rest of the house!).

We had to put this debris somewhere so we chose an area near the back corner. We used some beams that were below the wood pile to start a new compost pile. The cross in the picture is one of three on that side of the yard that were originally used for a clothesline.

We also cut down a few small trees that were stunted and crooked from growing under large pine trees. We chipped some of the larger limbs in the giant debris pile in the back but this will also take many trips to the dump to get rid of all of it (they collect yard debris for turning into and selling compost).

We think it’s going to take us many, many weekends to clear all the debris from the yard but at least we were able to get started.

Also, please remember to vote every day through November 5 for our ugly bathroom! Thanks!

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