Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Week

The house work was rather neglected this week because of Halloween and working on our cars.

We bought several pumpkins when we were in New York and a few of them started rotting before we had a chance to carve them. On Saturday morning, we drove up to Westminster to get apple cider (Chris is planning on making hard cider) and a couple more pumpkins to carve.

We stopped by the Goodwill store to find some items for our costumes. Unfortunately, we didn’t find what we were looking for but we did find a dresser. Since we were in the car, we had to pick it up after church on Sunday. We just added it to the “furniture refinishing” area in the basement. Maybe one of these days we’ll actually start working on these things!

In the afternoon, we carved our pumpkins. We chose to carve six pumpkins so that the neighborhood kids wouldn’t be afraid of our house.

Saturday night, we went to a friend’s Halloween party. We tried to shop for costumes on Friday but of course everything was picked over. Instead, we used costumes that we had already. Chris went as a cow and I went as a farmer.

We are still trying to refinance with another bank (our first attempt resulted in a really bad appraisal). We don’t have a date for the new appraisal yet but we thought that we should probably clean up the house a little bit to get ready for it. We had a ton of boxes in the dining and living rooms so we moved them all back into the den.

Halloween night we set out our pumpkins and waited around for the trick-or-treaters. The neighbors told us to expect about 50 kids. We only got about 10 kids – that just means that there is more candy for us!

One great thing about the house is that the grass seed that we planted has started to grow. It looks like we actually care about our yard now!

Our goal for this week is to finish some things in the foyer, hall, and kitchen before the appraisal. Hopefully now we’ll have some time to do that this week.

Please don’t forget to keep voting for our bathroom every day. Voting ends on November 5. Thanks!

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