Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Bathroom!

We had a great time with family over the holidays. Before we came back to Maryland, we had lunch with a bunch of my friends from college. It was a great time and very loud! Almost everyone has infants and toddlers so there was a lot of cuteness!

We had to work on Wednesday and Thursday and didn’t get much done on the house. We did get to celebrate Christmas here – Tucker loved his new treats, Chris loved his new tools, and I loved my new camera!

On New Year’s Eve, we ran errands and started cleaning the house. We never really like New Year’s and this year was no different. Our town was having a “Midnight at 7” fireworks display that we could see perfectly from the end of our driveway. After they were finished, we went to see a movie – unfortunately it was sold out. Instead, we came home and watched the ball drop in Times Square (of course I fell asleep at 10:30 and Chris had to wake me up for the actual event).

On New Year’s Day we decided to start off with some exercise. We ran in the Resolution Run 8K. It was a prediction run which is like a backwards race. The winner is the person that finishes closest to 11:00. We haven’t run in a long time and we predicted our pace slightly faster than we actually ran. We finished at 11:03:15 – not too bad for taking a wild guess!

The rest of the day was spent watching bowl games (Penn State lost) and the Winter Classic (Penguins lost). We’ll just say that it wasn’t a good day for me.

On Sunday, after church, we started laying out the tile for the half bathroom. I got pretty good at using the tile saw!

Chris worked on laying out and installing the tile. Once we put the grout in this week it will look spectacular!

In other news, our next door neighbors are putting an addition on their house. They are removing the garage and replacing it with a bigger garage and master bedroom on top. The construction is happening right outside of our bedroom so I’ve been taking pictures of the progress. It’s amazing to see how fast the work is completed. Here are some pictures from right before Christmas (the missing garage) and this week (walls and roof installed).

Hopefully after next weekend, we’ll have a working half bath!

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