Monday, January 10, 2011

We Have Another Working Toilet!

We have wanted to complete the half bathroom for a very long time and we’re now so close.

On Monday, I grouted the floor. There was a very limited selection of non-sanded grout at the store so we ended up with sanded. My hands were rubbed raw by the end of the job – and it was only about 15 sq. ft. I’d hate to use sanded grout for a large surface!

After that, we had to spray it with water for three days so that it would properly cure. That stopped us from working in the room for the better part of the week.

Saturday was a full work day. I sealed the grout and painted the ceiling and walls in the morning while Chris started work on the plumbing in the basement. Around lunchtime, we went to Lowe’s to buy everything else we needed: toilet, vanity, faucet, light, fan, trim, fixtures and plumbing supplies. We spent a lot on such a small space!

After we got back, I installed the trim while Chris continued with the plumbing work. The plumbing gave him a very hard time. He was trying to go from CPVC to copper and the one fitting kept leaking. He had to re-do that fitting 4 times and still ended up having to buy a new fitting on Sunday after church.

I spent a lot of Saturday afternoon installing the light and fan. The contractor had installed a really cheap fan in the bathroom (it’s the $13 one you see in the stores). The old fan was so loud that you had to shout to someone right next to you. We replaced it with a fan/light combo that is much, much quieter. The light fixture above the vanity was a pretty easy install (except for dealing with the way the contractors installed the job box).

Sunday morning, Chris installed the toilet. Because the space is so small, we had to go with a very narrow one. It’s so nice to have one so close to where we spend most of our time. We still have to install the vanity, faucet, and fixtures but I’ll give you a sneak peak at the finished product.

This bathroom will be a big thing to check off our list and then it’s time to work some small projects before we tackle the other bathrooms.

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