Monday, March 28, 2011

A Four Bedroom House!

This week we really focused on getting the upstairs bedroom in decent shape for guests. We started with finishing up the drywall compound work and the majority of the painting last weekend. On Monday night, we finished up the detail painting and second coat as well as the trim and radiator covers.

We set aside all of Wednesday evening to install the carpet and padding. Our friends Kirk and Kat had given us their old carpet a long time ago when they were replacing it with hardwood. It is still in great shape so we thought using it upstairs as a temporary measure was a good idea. We ended up piecing together some of it but overall it’s a much nicer floor than was in there before.

The carpet had been rolled and then folded in half in order to get it home. When we brought it home, for some reason, we left it folded. This has not been good for the way the carpet lays. So after the carpet was in there were big mountains and valleys across the middle of the room. We had an extra rug so we decided to put it on top to make put a little weight on it (hopefully it will eventually lie down flat). The rug doesn’t really go with the room but it’s much better than what it was.

Once the carpet and rug were in the room, we were able to set up the bed and make it look like a real useable room! We even bought curtains to hang in the room so our 15-year-old niece wouldn’t have to change in the dark (she also wants us to call it “Anna’s Room”) but it’s not in this picture.

We also bought and hung curtains for the other bedrooms in the front of the house – every time we have guests stay, we remember that we need to buy some so they don’t have to change in the bathroom. Finally guests don’t have to be naked in front of the whole neighborhood.

On Tuesday evening, we decided to install the rest of the gutter guards so that we could miss cleaning all the maple tree helicopters from the gutters. Chris had installed some last week on the front of the garage and above the sunroom. I installed most of the rest of the full ones and got a huge blister on my thumb! Chris focused on the ones that needed to be cut to go around corners. (Chris didn’t think that my parents or the insurance company would like to see the picture of me above the high side of the house on the edge of the roof.)

Jenny, Bob, and the kids arrived on Friday night just in time to see the Ohio State game (too bad they lost). We went out to brunch with them on Saturday before they headed home.

Saturday afternoon we worked on stripping the dresser so that my parents can take the old dresser home with them next weekend. We didn’t completely finish but we’re very close to being able to stain and poly.

We didn’t do any house work on Sunday – I had worked 3rd shift on Sunday morning so I slept until noon and then in the evening, we went to the local dinner theater to see “Happy Days” (it was my birthday present). We had a really nice, relaxing Sunday.

This coming week will be spent cleaning the house again for our next round of guests.

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