Monday, March 7, 2011

Playing in the Mud

I was out in California the majority of this week for work. While I was away, Chris worked in the yard after work each day – there are so many overgrown trees and shrubs in our yard and he’s doing his best to prune them back to a manageable size. Some of them will look a little funny until they grow a little!

Last weekend, we found a few guys that would remove all our yard debris and take it to the dump (they turn yard debris into compost). They definitely have their work cut out for them…

They arrived very early on Saturday and took two trailer loads away. They estimate it will take about 4 or 5 loads to remove all of it. We’re so glad that we’re paying them to do this – with our small truck bed it would have taken us upwards of 40 trips – that’s a lot of time and effort (not to mention $3.65/gallon gas)!

Saturday morning, we worked hard to get the rest of the debris on the piles so that they could take it away. It required a lot of raking and removing more vines from the fence (we finally have most of the vines removed from the fence top).

We had many years worth of leaves up against the high side of the fence around a bunch of trees and bushes. We worked on raking them all into big piles. Tucker apparently thought that they were just for him. He moved from pile to pile so of course we had to take some pictures of how cute he is!

We had visitors on Saturday afternoon – Michelle, James, and Emma came for a visit. Unfortunately Emma was a little cranky but it was great spending some time with them.

On Sunday, we had planned on installing crown molding. Instead, we worked out in the rain to dig up and re-plant some trees. It took a very long time because the trees we were moving were planted in tires (we have quite the tire pile!) and the soil had a lot of clay and rock. Chris also worked on pruning some more trees – mostly the fruit trees (apple, peach, and plum).

It rained so much that our yard is a giant mud pit again. This means it will probably take a lot longer for the guys to remove the rest of the debris. I guess since we’ve lived with it so long, another week or two won’t hurt!

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