Sunday, May 8, 2011

Adding a Bathroom and Building a Shed

We have been thinking a lot about our next big project. We want to turn our main bathroom and closet into two bathrooms (one master and one for the other bedrooms). This will require a lot of plumbing work and we’re not sure we’re up for the task (going without a working shower for a month or so is a little bit long!). If you know any good (and inexpensive) plumbers in the Columbia, MD area, let us know!

One of the hardest parts of the design was getting everything to fit into the space available. The two walls on the outside of this area are both load bearing plus we didn’t want to take away any space from the bedrooms.

We wanted both bathrooms to have bathtubs but the space is just too limited. So instead, the master bathroom will have a shower and a double vanity. The other bathroom will have the tub. We’ve gone through so many iterations of the design that I can’t find the newest version to post. Hopefully soon we’ll have the design finalized and can go open up the permits for the work.

We have another big project coming up that we hope will be much quicker. We need to build a shed for all of our lawn equipment (they are currently taking up all the space in our garage). Fortunately we do not need a permit for the shed because it will be under 200 sq. ft. (we’re planning one that’s 180 sq. ft.). Hopefully it’s a pretty quick project once we get the design finalized and purchase the materials.

I’m sure we’ll be throwing in a little of this and a little of that over the next few months but these are our goals at least!

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