Friday, May 20, 2011

Europe Vacation, Part 7: Innsbruck

The train ride to Innsbruck was very long and we arrived after midnight. The first hotel we stayed in was historic – Mozart and his father stayed there. The beds were very comfy! Slovenia has some lovely scenery, but the Slovenians have a lot to learn about mattresses.

The next morning (after an amazing breakfast – the best strudel!) we took a bus to the start of a hiking trail. We went on a challenging hike straight up a mountain.

There is an incredibly technical downhill single track (bike trail) under the cable car path – people would have to be very skilled or very crazy to try it! We hiked up in the same area as the trail and it took about three hours to get up to the top. The views were definitely worth it though!

There were a lot of paragliders and hang gliders in the area. They were up in the air during our entire hike. There must have been some great updrafts!

Towards the top, we chose to walk up the road – it was a much more roundabout way of getting to the top but it was less steep. We shared this route with a lot of cyclists – they must have been in great shape!

We ate our lunch near the top at the ski lodge. Surprisingly, the restaurant stays open after the ski season for cyclists, paragliders, and sightseers.

At the top of the cable car run, a lot of hang gliders were getting ready to fly. We did get to see a few of them start off – they would stand on a low wall and then run down a very steep ramp – a little intimidating!

Our hike down the mountain took about two hours. We took the gentle path which was longer but much easier on our legs.

After a nice shower, we walked around town and had a great pasta dinner. Innsbruck seemed liked a tourist hot spot that catered to shoppers, diners, and partiers. We were so tired from our hike that we went to bed early.

Up next…Munich!

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