Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Non-House-Related Trip to the ER

This week was extremely hot and humid – in the high 90s for a few days in a row – so we didn’t get a whole lot done outside. The two things we did work on were the garden fence and installing another large section of soffit vents.

The garden fence is not yet complete and we found out that we have another groundhog. We set the trap 4 times already and he just keeps stealing the apple slices. One time he even stole the apple, tripped the door, and still made it out of the trap – he’s like Houdini! We made some adjustments to the release mechanism so hopefully we’ll have him in the cage when we get home tonight.

The soffit vent cutting went a lot faster this time because we were able to use the circular saw. Because of the heat we weren’t able to finish as much as we wanted but it was still successful. For some reason I forgot to take a picture of it with the vents actually in place…oops!

On Saturday afternoon, Chris started brewing beer. He was outside using his turkey fryer burner to boil some water. When he went to pick it up the handles were hot and he dropped it on the ground. The boiling water spilled all over his foot. He was in a lot of pain but we still had to “save the beer” so before we went to the hospital, I had to boil more water and add it to the grain – you know, priorities.

We went to Urgent Care first but they wouldn’t see us because they “just saw their last patient.” So instead, we had to go to the emergency room. After about an hour, we were out with some burn cream and socks to put on the burned foot. After a day, this is how his foot looks – yucky and painful!

The only other work we’ve been doing has been to get the medium bedroom and half bathroom ready for the co-op student that will be staying with us this summer. She arrives this coming Saturday and we only have a short list of small tasks that we would like to complete.

On Sunday, after church, we drove up to Altoona to go to my friend Brigitte’s 5 year cancer free party. It was great getting to see them and meeting their newest addition to the family.

Hopefully this week we can finish the small tasks and clean the house!

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