Monday, June 20, 2011

Woodland Creatures 0, Skociks 7

So, as a family, we’re getting pretty good at removing woodland creatures from our backyard. This week we caught another groundhog and another possum. Neither will be back to bother our garden again!

And speaking of the garden, we worked a lot in there this week. It’s amazing how fast plants grow when there are no animals to feast on them all day! We already have some tomatoes growing and have blossoms on some other plants. The one tell tale sign of success I’ve been using is the corn height. Back home the corn is supposed to be “knee high by the 4th of July” in order for it to be a good crop. Our corn is already thigh high and it’s still June!

In big news this week, we have a roommate. The co-op student from work is staying in our medium bedroom for a couple months. It’ll be nice to have a little extra income and it also gave us the motivation to completely finish two rooms – her bedroom and the half bathroom.

There were a couple small things to complete in each room for them to be considered “completely finished.” The medium bedroom had some trim work involved (installing some, filling holes and gaps, touching up some paint). The half bathroom needed door stop and the threshold installed to make the transition from the tile in the bathroom to the hardwood floor in the hallway. Chris made the threshold using an old piece of flooring we ripped out of another room and very carefully used the table saw to make the cuts. Fortunately he got it just right – and he didn’t even cut off any fingers in the process!

This coming week is supposed to rain just about every day so we will hopefully work some more on the bedroom furniture (maybe one day we won’t have to keep our clothes in boxes!).

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