Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Convict Tucker and Zachary Michael

Well this week was all about getting ready for demolition. We have the building permit, have submitted paperwork for the plumbing permit, and hired the electrician (they get the electrical permit).

Most of the prep work has required us to move a lot of stuff. The closet was full of boxes and pictures before – now they are all upstairs. The bathroom closet had a ton of toiletry items that are now near the upstairs bathroom. The basement was a complete disaster and we moved a lot of furniture, boxes, and beer making equipment to give us access to do plumbing work.

We started demolition last night so here are a couple “before” pictures.

I know I promised finished TV room pictures this week so here they are. I also included the nasty “before” pictures – check out that incredibly stained floor!

You may be wondering why Tucker is a convict. We went to a family wedding this weekend and took Tucker to a friend’s house. When we first took him over to the house, he peed right in the middle of their living room carpet – bad dog! Then while we were away, he escaped with his buddy Ginger (You may remember Ginger as the co-conspirator in his first escape attempt).

Apparently, when our friend left his house, the door didn’t latch all the way and then the wind blew it in. With nothing to keep the dogs inside, they went exploring. Awhile later, our friend got a call asking if he owned a greyhound. The dogs were picked up by the Howard County Police two neighborhoods over. So Tucker is the first member of the Skocik family to get picked up by the cops – very bad dog!

We did get some very happy news this weekend as well – we have a new nephew. Our sister-in-law, Mary, gave birth to an adorable baby boy. Zachary Michael was born on Saturday morning. He is 7 lb. 5 oz. and has a nice head of blond hair. I guess he was a couple days shy of being considered “full term” so he’s now the biggest baby in the NICU! We are so happy for them and can’t wait to meet the little guy over the holidays!

Oh and I have to admire the honesty of my husband. When his brother asked if I was showing yet, his response was “Nah, she just looks fat!” I guess that’s what I get for complaining about it a lot!

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