Monday, June 11, 2012

Hot Days = Little Work

We did get to work on the fence a little bit this week but we’re still not finished.  It was very hot over the weekend so we got to work in the mornings and evenings (when Samantha was cooperating).  The fence on the left side of the house is almost complete – we still have to re-space the pickets on the gate though.  The fence on the right side has rails installed only.  We need to build the gate and install all the pickets.  It shouldn’t take long but this week is either going to be too hot or rainy. 

The bathroom is starting to look like a real bathroom.  We worked to get the vanity top and backsplash tiled and grouted (the picture below is not the current state!). 

Once we seal everything we can install the sinks and faucets.  Chris already worked on fitting the drain lines so all we have to do is the final install. 

We ordered our shower door this week and now just have to wait for them to fabricate it.  We don’t need the door in place for the final inspections so we hope to get those completed early next week.    

We have noticed some more wildlife in the backyard recently.  Unfortunately there is a groundhog in the areas – for now it’s staying near our apple tree but we’re ready with our trap for the garden.  There is also a fox that seems to show up every morning – Chris was able to get a few pretty good photos of it. 

We were also able to see our friends this weekend.  The Craft family invited us for dinner on Sunday.  Their youngest son is 4 days older than Samantha – unfortunately Samantha was a little cranky during our visit.  Hopefully next time she’ll be better!

Samantha is so much more fun now!  It's hard to believe that she's already 4 months old...time sure is flying!

She is very close to sitting without support.  She can stay upright for a little while – but we always have hands close by to catch her. 

She is still blowing razzberries…mostly to inanimate objects (her toys) but sometimes she does it for us too:

She seems to get a kick out of Tucker – it doesn’t matter what he’s doing.  She does love when he rolls around in the grass!

Here are some other photos from the week:

Hopefully this week we will have a (partially) functional master bathroom!

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