Monday, June 25, 2012

Trot, Trot to Boston

We worked on some of the cosmetic items for the bathroom.  Chris used a lot of drywall compound after we had installed the drywall in the closet area.  I followed it up with priming and painting. 

One of the areas that needed drywall work was in our bedroom.  During demolition in the old bathroom, a lot of the plaster in the bedroom was cracked and (in some places) had giant holes.  Our one bedroom wall has looked very ghetto lately with all the cracks and holes.  The picture below is the huge hole that was left near the plumbing vent (the plaster was very thin in this area).  It still needs primer and paint but at least it’s closed off!

The weekend was completely unproductive (but fun!).  We left town on Friday to head to New Hampshire for my uncle’s surprise party for his 50th birthday.  It was Samantha’s first time on an airplane so I couldn’t stop myself from getting the “Airplanes” book at the library. 

She did a great job on the flight up – she nursed during takeoff and slept the rest of the flight (it was only about an hour long).  We were getting pretty worried about it though since there were storms and we had to wait for about 45 minutes on the tarmac for them to re-route the plane.  It wouldn’t have been too bad if the plane was cooler (it was about 90 degrees in the plane during that time).

My parents picked us up at the airport and we headed to a nice restaurant for the surprise.  My uncle was very happy (and surprised!) that everyone made it up there. 

On Saturday, after much debate, we all drove down to Boston to take a trolley tour of the city.  We got there around lunchtime so we didn’t have an opportunity to ride the whole route.  We did get to stop and see the USS Constitution, Old State House, and one of the old cemeteries though. 

After carrying Samantha in the wrap all day I was exhausted!  It’s amazing how heavy an extra 16 pounds feels!

Samantha seemed to be very excited by her first Boston trip.  She was very animated and had a lot to say about it.  Here is part of the 10 minute conversation she had with me on the car ride:

Sunday was a travel day.  We were all pretty tired from the trip and it was pretty hot and humid here.  We did work in the garden a little bit in the evening.  We found out that a groundhog has discovered the garden in our absence.  We set the trap so hopefully we’ll have one less groundhog in the neighborhood soon. 

Our tomato plants are doing great though!  This is the first year that we’re being diligent about pruning them and removing suckers.  There is no sign of disease and almost every plant has tomatoes growing or a lot of blossoms. 

The weeds have seemed to take over a little bit though.   I’ve been focusing my weeding efforts on right around the plants and have left the aisles to grow uncontrolled.  Hopefully after a nice rain I’ll be able to attack and get most of them out by the roots. 

Enough about the garden – Samantha is also growing like a weed – her legs seem to have thinned out even more this last week. 

She enjoys helping me with her (clean) diapers.

She has been dressing for the hot summer weather.

She is always so happy in the morning when she wakes up.

And she’s always enjoying playing with toys.  Excuse her lack of pants in the first video!



Of course once a day she gets a good sniff from Tucker – I only caught the end of this one:

Her weekly pictures are getting harder to take because she’s more mobile.

This week coming up will have some big changes in the master bathroom (and possibly a couple passed inspections?).  Keep your fingers crossed!

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