Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby Goes to the Beach

We took a break from work and the house to enjoy some time at the beach.  This post mostly contains cute baby pictures!

Before we headed for the shore Chris, my dad, and brother poured the footers.  It didn’t take them long and now we’re all set to put the posts in the ground.

When we returned from vacation, my dad helped me apply some waterproofing to the bottoms of the posts.  We know that it’s not necessary but it makes us feel better since they will be in the ground. 

The condo we rented for vacation was right on the beach so we had a nice view from the balcony. 

Samantha loved the water and the sand – and she only tried to eat it a few times! 



One afternoon we went to Assateague and walked on one of the trails.

And of course saw several of the wild horses.

We went on another tour of Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware.  We went five years ago and it has grown so much since then.  I wore Samantha during the tour and her head was on a swivel looking at all the tanks, pipes, etc.  Perhaps we have a future chemical engineer or master brewer on our hands?

In the condo we found some new toys for Samantha and she was very happy to play with them.

We played a lot of miniature golf and Samantha wanted to join in – she wouldn’t let go of the club!

And a few more pictures from the week:


Next weekend is deck building extravaganza – we hope to share a lot of progress!

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