Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Footing Inspection Passed!!

After the debacle last weekend with the auger, we were slightly annoyed that we had to dig the holes for the footers by hand.  We had only dug half of the holes over the weekend and we were hoping to get the inspector out this week.

Chris worked Monday night to dig hole number 4 – and after all the work he did that night and over the weekend left him completely exhausted.  So on Tuesday morning (while Samantha napped) I dug hole number 5 and half of hole number 6.  Chris was able to quickly knock out the last half hole that evening.

The inspector came out Thursday morning and gave us the big stamp of approval.  We are so fortunate to have such a great building inspector (some of the others (*cough* electrical *cough*) we’ve had have been less than desirable!). 

On Saturday, Chris, my dad, and my brother poured the footers.  They used 2 full 80 lb bags of concrete per hole for a footing of at least 8" deep.  Now that it's set we can start putting in the posts to get ready for the big "deck building weekend!"  

We harvested Chris’ hops this week.  They grew very large and he’s excited to be brewing with them soon.

 Our food basket this week contained lettuce, kale, leeks, pears, apples, cucumber, potatoes, eggs, green beans, chicken, ribs, bacon, yogurt and bread.  Delicious!

 In addition to the basket, I harvested our beets and carrots from the planters.  I can honestly say that I've never seen either vegetable grow so small!  Chris cut them up and cooked them with the kale so at least they didn't go to waste.

Samantha had a very busy week.  We went to two play dates so she had a lot of fun with other babies.  


She is crawling with much more confidence - she's crawled from the den, through the dining room, and into the kitchen to find Chris.  Most of the time she's crawling just to get to her next toy/favorite pet/parent/etc.


I was looking at our photo albums recently and decided to take a couple pictures to compare looks at this age (Chris' picture is a guess to how old he is there!).  

Tucker is still being very patient with Samantha.  She has learned to be very gentle when trying to pet/play with him.


And we think she's just an all-around cutie!


The next couple weeks are all about the deck.  We look forward to relaxing on it in the fall. 

*Thanks to Megan and Amy for the photos at the play dates!

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