Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall is Fun!

I absolutely love fall…and it is simply not long enough.  It seems that summer always drags on and on and then fall lasts only a few weeks.  We are trying to make the most of it though!

Over the weekend we went to the pumpkin patch with my new mom’s group.  It was great seeing everyone and the babies had fun on the hayride and in the pumpkin patch.  

Earlier in the week I took Samantha to Gymboree for a free class.  She had a great time crawling and climbing around everything.  It is expensive though so that's probably the last time we'll go.

I also took her on a little hike with another mom and her son.  She really liked riding in the backpack!

 We were able to get more finished on the deck this week - all the deck boards are installed and we installed all the rail sides.  This weekend we should be able to finish the railings and install the stairs. 

Our food basket for the week included milk, bread, ham, ground beef, cheddar cheese, cauliflower, beans, cranberries, sweet potatoes, arugula, mushrooms, and apples.  Delicious!

Samantha tried broccoli this week...her first impression was not quite what I was expecting.

And here are some other pictures from the week:


We can't wait to have our "deck party!"

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