Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Three Day Weekend Becomes Nonexistent

We were supposed to have a nice three day weekend and be able to finish a lot more on the deck.  Unfortunately, it turned into a zero day weekend.  That's right, Chris had to work on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

So the only house work we accomplished this week was to install railing posts in the four corners of the deck.  This was done on Friday night after Samantha was asleep.  We were outside, in the dark, with headlamps on, cutting posts, drilling holes, hammering in bolts, and generally making a lot of noise.  I hope Chris is able to take off another day this week so we can get something done!

Our food basket this week contained milk, turkey, ribs, cheese, peanuts, bread, swiss chard, zucchini, apples, green peppers, onions, potatoes, and watercress.

While Chris was working over the weekend, Samantha and I had some fun.  We walked to a festival in our village center, went to JoAnn Fabrics where I signed up for a quilting class and a cake decorating class, went to church, celebrated Baby Scott's first birthday, and played a lot in the house.

Samantha and I also had fun during the week.  At our play date we made a ghost footprint.  The girl hosting it made a comment about how Samantha has such big feet!

A friend invited us to go to Port Discovery - the children's museum in Baltimore.  We had a great time but I think she'll like it a lot more in a couple months. 

Since Saturday was the big Ohio State v. Nebraska game, Chris made me dress Samantha up in her OSU gear.

I bought some things at the neighbor's yard sale.  One of them was a toy dump truck - Samantha was very interested in the way the wheels work.  Do we have a future engineer on our hands?

She is working on a few top teeth so the drool has been getting worse...

The magazines have been a big draw lately - but it's better to have her into those than the power strip that is behind them.

Her eyes are still very blue - we'll see if (or how long) they stay this color.

Let's hope that we get some more deck work done!!

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