Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Keuka in Bloom

We had a pretty typical week at home - work, play dates, etc.  Though on Friday we drove up to the Finger Lakes to have some fun. 

My parents and some of their friends have gone to the "Keuka in Bloom" event a couple times and really enjoy it.  They invited us along this time and we're glad that they did! 

We stayed in a historic house with a great view of the lake.  There was a lot of "front porch sitting" throughout the weekend!

The event was on Saturday and Sunday.  We visited seven wineries over the weekend (four on Saturday, three on Sunday).  It allowed for a nice leisurely tour.  At each winery we got a flower, an herb, a small plate of food, and of course multiple wine tastings.  So by the end of the weekend we had 14 flowers and 14 herbs to take home.  Now I just need to plant them!

Of course we ended up bringing home a lot more than we brought with us.  Besides bottles of wine, we came home with empty wine bottles (for Chris' mead), a keg, a glass carboy, a CO2 tank and tap, and a rocking chair for Samantha.  I'm happy to report that I did not make a single purchase - this was all Chris.

Here are some photos from the weekend:

Spending time with Daddy (the stain is from grape juice - we're not bad parents!)

 Playing on the swings with Pap

Pretty tree in bloom

No, she wasn't drinking...

We drove back home on Monday so we're a little behind this week already.  It looks like we'll be having fun this week too!

And I'll end with a picture of Samantha saying goodbye to me one night this week (Daddy gets waves and smiles):

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