Monday, October 14, 2013

Furloughed! Week Two: Finished Master Bathroom!

We're getting a lot accomplished with us both being home due to the shutdown.  This week the big news was finishing the master bathroom.  Chris put in the remaining tile, installed the access panel, and installed a lot of shelves. 

We think it is a major improvement over the old bathroom that was here so I'm going to show some pictures from the old bathroom, during construction, and the final product. 

One other big thing we've been working on (when it hasn't been raining) was starting to prepare the area for installing the patio out back.

If you remember the gigantic tree that was very close to the house before, you may realize why this is going to take awhile.


Notice all the surface roots - this tree has roots spread all over this area like a huge pile of spaghetti.  We started digging in the outline and then Chris just took out the spud bar and saws and removed some.  After his many hours of labor, he was only able to clear a very small section so this may end up requiring extra hands or some heavy equipment.

We did have some fun this week too - we went to a place called "Pump It Up" that has a lot of inflatable houses, slides, and obstacle courses.  Chris and another furloughed dad went and they had a lot of fun (even suggesting that the women go back to work so they can go more often).  We also made some Halloween/Fall crafts.  Samantha made a spider and painted a pumpkin.

She ended up getting sick on Saturday afternoon and she's still fighting it.  She still smiled for the camera though!

Hopefully she'll get well soon so that we can have more fun before Daddy has to go back to work!

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