Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Farm Fun!

This was our last furloughed week and we had a sick girl for most of it.  Samantha was used to having Chris at home so she was very angry once he went back to work.  She was still giving him the cold shoulder yesterday (this girl can hold a grudge!). 

Our patio and retaining wall materials were delivered this week so now they're littering the yard.  Chris worked a little bit to get the start of the retaining wall base.  Hopefully we'll be able to post some pictures of progress soon.

Chris spent one evening fixing some of the lines for the heating system so we're not freezing in the house.  It took a long time but it was well worth it!

Over the weekend we had a wonderful time visiting a couple farms.  This post is very picture heavy because of all the fun we had!


And last but not least, Samantha has become Tucker's best buddy - when she wakes up in the morning she asks for "Tucker?"  Unfortunately, he doesn't always show the same amount of affection towards her!

That's it for this week - retaining wall is next!

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