Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter (a little late)!  This will be a picture heavy post because we had a week full of egg hunts and photo shoots. 

Here are a few pictures from Josh's first week that I wasn't able to post before.  Samantha is getting better at being gentle with him but there is still some "aggressive loving" from time to time.

She really does love him and is so happy that he is here.  She's a big help singing to him when he cries and holding his hand during diaper changes.  

Since we've had the camera out taking pictures of the baby...

...Samantha has had to get in on the picture taking action.


Samantha got to go on five egg hunts this year - by the end she got very good at it!  Here are some pictures of the various hunts.



At one of the egg hunts, Samantha discovered the wonderful marshmallowy goodness of Peeps.  Since this discovery, we decided to start using that as potty training incentive (and I just bought a bunch on sale to keep us stocked).  Two days in and we're already through a sleeve and a half so it's working so far!

 Samantha was very excited about Easter this year.  She had a good time dying Easter eggs.

We ended up getting a decent after church picture - and Samantha didn't even make him cry!

She had fun finding and opening her basket.

We've had family visiting the last couple weeks and we're still getting used to having two kids (and the lack of sleep that comes with it!).  Chris is also still working on the upstairs so we're keeping quite busy around here!  Hopefully soon we'll be able to post some progress shots of the work we've accomplished.  We hope everyone had a great Easter!

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