Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has finally arrived here.  We have a lot of flowers and trees blooming.  Warmer days means that we can get outside to play and do some yard work.  Unfortunately this means that the upstairs renovation has been put on a temporary hold while we work outside before it gets too hot.

Over the weekend we were able to clean up the flower beds, organize/clean the sunroom and garage, transplant some tomatoes, etc. to bigger containers, start tilling the garden, and general yard cleanup.  There is still plenty to do but we did accomplish quite a bit.

Of course the other reason there was a lack of work around here was the arrival of Joshua.  He has been home for a week now and altogether is a pretty easy baby.  He won't sleep anywhere but next to me so I'm a little tired but overall feeling well. 

We were able to get out and about a couple times this week and had his newborn portraits taken at the house.  It will be a couple weeks before we get all the photos but here is one that was sent to us already.  We think he's very handsome!

Samantha has been great with him so far.  The worst I can say is that she "loves aggressively" since she constantly wants to be holding/touching/hugging/kissing him.  She has been a big help with getting diapers, holding his hand during changes, singing songs to him when he's crying, etc.  I think she's going to be a great big sister! 

We have a lot more photos from the week on our good camera but I'm too tired now to go get them.  Hopefully I'll post some more next week. 

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