Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween and Soccer!

We had a great Halloween with the kids.  Samantha requested a "pink butterfly" costume so I was able to put this together.  She also said that Josh should be a caterpillar.  Not bad for having no pattern!

Samantha had a great time trick-or-treating and Josh was just happy to be in a nice comfy carrier during the chilly night.

Samantha has been playing soccer this fall.  This week was her final "game."  It was really just the kids having fun with the ball - going on adventures while learning some soccer skills.  She normally did a great job but she is still very shy around others.  This shyness resulted in what could be the slowest goal in the history of soccer on her last day (it was dress up day).

 Her coach is from England and had a great accent - she had a lot of fun with silly "Coach Sam!"

We've been doing a little more preschool type activities and I think she's doing very well.  She even sometimes "reads" to herself which I think is adorable.

Here is one of her worksheets that she did this week - she loved that it was princess themed.

I had shredded a lot of paper this week and before I had a chance to take it to the compost pile, Samantha discovered it while I was changing Josh.  Fortunately she helped me clean up afterwards.

Josh is still a very happy baby overall.  He looks so big - we sometimes feel like we're carrying around a toddler.  He's also working on three more teeth and he has a cold so he's been a little more fussy than normal.  Hopefully they'll come in quickly!

We were busy in the kitchen this weekend.  We have been collecting peanuts from our food baskets for a long time (we just didn't have anything else to do with them). 

I decided to make peanut butter and we won't have to but it for a long, long time!

Chris picked the rest of the peppers from the garden before the first hard frost and decided to make some pickled peppers.  I don't have a picture of that since he's making them as I type this but I'm sure they'll be great!

It's starting to get cooler here so many of our house related activities will be moving inside soon.  Fall is just never long enough!

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