Thursday, October 30, 2014

More Fall Fun

Well there is not a lot of work done on the house the last couple weeks - fall is just too full of fun!  While it's perfect weather to work outside, we're kind of stalled because our wheelbarrow wheel is flat (as a pancake with no hope of fixing it).  Chris said it's now just a "barrow."  The wheelbarrow was free and has served us well but we've had to fix the tire so many times that it's just done.  It's an easy thing to go buy a new one (or even a new tire) but we're having too much fun this month!

I took Samantha to a "Sofia the First" class through the county and she had a lot of fun.  They had different activities and she got to make a pretty princess crown.

The University of Maryland farm held an open house that we attended with the kids.  It was a great event complete with pumpkin painting, hayride, robot demonstrations, chick hatching, etc.  

We also went to a local farm that has a fantastic fall festival.  There are a ton of slides, mazes, play pits, animals, etc., etc.  Samantha had a great time - and the weather was perfect!


Josh had his six month appointment at the pediatrician and is finally (just barely) back on the charts!  He is still very big at 21 lb. 13 oz (99%) and 28 3/4" (97%).  Overall he's a very healthy guy.

He's also doing a great job with eating and he just got in his third tooth.  He mostly eats purees but we sometimes give him larger pieces of food to explore - and it's fun to watch his reactions to them too!

After working from home part time for the last 2 1/2 years, it was time for me to quit my job at NASA.  I worked there for 12 years and was so blessed for having the opportunity.  I went in to work a couple weeks ago to fill out all the exit paperwork, clean up my office space, and say goodbye to co-workers.  Even in the last minutes, my boss was begging me not to leave - it's nice to feel valuable!  It will take some transition time to fully realize what I can accomplish as a full time stay-at-home mom though! 

Chris' parents and aunt came down for a short visit.  On my last day at work, Chris took off so that he could spend some time with them and the kids.  It was nice having them here and Samantha was very disappointed when they had to leave!

Another fun activity was the Fall Festival in town.  Samantha was so excited to eat a lot of food samples, get a balloon butterfly, a heart glitter tattoo, and get her face painted with a princess crown.

It seems like our fall weekends are full of activities so we'll see if/when we'll be able to get much done on the house. 

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