Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Patio Landscaping and Fall Activities

The last couple weeks have been full of fun (and a little bit of house work).  The only significant difference to the house is the addition of some landscaping around the patio. 

We still have to finish the other side which will take a lot longer but it's already an improvement.

I am helping out with the crafts for my Mothers of Preschoolers group and I am trying to get ahead with some of the prep work.  The craft we're doing in December is making some hand warmers.  I spent an evening cutting all the pieces and another evening sewing them together.  After 150 of them, I'm glad I got them out of the way!

Fall is by far my favorite time of year and it never seems long enough to do everything that I want to do.  We spent a morning last weekend going apple picking with the kids.  Samantha had as much fun eating the apples as she did picking them.

Samantha is playing soccer this fall.  It's a Mommy and Me class and she's doing a great job.  Coach Sam has them go on a different "adventure" each week.  I put Josh in the carrier and run around with her each week - it's a lot of fun!

Our church had the dedication of the new multi-purpose building this weekend.  The arch-bishop celebrated the mass and they had a big celebration afterwards - complete with pumpkin patch and hayride!

After six months of ridiculously crazy hair, I gave Josh a haircut.  He had a really bad comb-over look with a lot of big wispy hair on the sides.  It makes him look a lot older but it's much better!

I'll end with some more pictures of the kids. 

Samantha enjoys sorting things - here she is putting all her blocks in line so that the pictures are facing up. 

Apparently, she also thinks having quintuplets would be neat.

Many times during the day, Josh has a look of terror on his face when Samantha tries to hug him.  It just says "Please Help!"  Fortunately, she's more gentle than she used to be.

Overall, he's just a very happy baby!


We still have many weeks of fall left and a lot more fun to have!

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