Sunday, January 11, 2015

Decluttering, Drywalling, and Dressing (Warmly)

It has been very cold around here this week so most of it was spent at home.  It also snowed and so of course we had to go out and play in it.

Samantha loved playing in the snow - she went out three different times the same day.  There wasn't enough snow to sled in but she had fun playing with shovels and spraying colored water on it.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to spend much time outside with Samantha because one member of the family was unhappy with the immobility of his snow gear.

All Josh wants to do is crawl and cruise and he was too bundled up to do much of anything.  Maybe next snow will be deeper and I can pull him in the sled.

We have been working hard in the house.  I've been working to go through everything in the house to get rid of things we no longer need or want.  It's a terrible task but it is about five years overdue.  Since I'm going through things to make the house a little neater, I'm also deep cleaning one area at a time (and our oven hasn't been this clean since it was new!).

After the kids go to bed, every time I see Chris he is covered in drywall dust.  He's been working very hard to get the upstairs ready to be primed and painted.  It is a tedious task so at least we're both doing no-so-fun jobs.

One fun project I completed this week was to make growth charts for the kids.  We were even able to hang them this weekend too so it's a fully completed project (they're rare around here).  

Samantha has lately been showing a lot of interest in words and learning to read.  I started her "lessons" this week.  The book we're using progresses very slowly and each lesson is very short so we do them while Josh is taking his morning nap.  The lessons also include some writing practice.  Here is a picture of her "m" - not bad for not even 3 years old!

Being stuck in the house for days has been a little challenging.  Fortunately, Samantha has been playing pretty well with Josh lately.  Here's a video of them "playing ball."

And finally, here are a couple pictures of our cold day tower building.  You can see how much fun she was having with both the building and knocking down!

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