Monday, January 26, 2015

What a Difference Paint Makes!

We've been working very hard this week to get the first upstairs room painted.  There was a lot of work to get to this point - every night Chris would disappear upstairs for a couple hours and return covered in drywall dust. 

Once the drywall was in perfect condition, we took turns over the weekend working on priming and painting.  We still have the second coat of paint to do tonight to have the living area ready for carpet and installing the new railing.  It's impressive how much a simple coat of paint will change a room. 


The stair area also needed a little facelift.  Just painting the trim around the sides made it look a lot better and cleaner.

To do the drywall and painting work above the stairs Chris rigged up a very interesting scaffold.  It was definitely not OSHA approved working conditions but it got the job done!

We still have the bedroom, bathroom, and closet area to finish upstairs before we want to get the carpet installed.  Hopefully by the end of February we'll finally have this entire floor completed.

The weather this week gave us a little bit of snow so Josh got to go on his first sled ride.  He really enjoyed it! 

Josh was also able to play in the turtle sandbox (minus sand).  He found some pieces of ice on the bottom that he used to help his teething pain.  Speaking of teething - number 8 finally came in this week too. 

And of course Samantha really enjoyed the hot chocolate she got after playing outside.  

Josh is getting to be a big boy - he had his first serving of chili...

...and enjoying playing with his tools so he can help us on the house some day.

And I'll end this week's post with a Samantha-ism that I found particularly funny/weird this week:

"Josh, your ears are so beautiful!  When you are bigger, you can wear earrings and eat candy!"

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