Sunday, February 1, 2015

One More Room Painted

One more room painted for the week doesn't sound like much but it was quite a bit of work.  Before we even started, we had to remove all the items from the room (including about 15 full sheets of drywall, a big bookcase, etc.) and clean up all the drywall dust. 

After touching up some drywall, the ceiling was primed and painted and the walls were primed and painted.  The blue walls needed two coats of primer and three coats of paint - not a fast job!

Of course we didn't just work on the upstairs this week.  On Saturday we attended a preschool fair to see if there are any other preschools we want to consider before signing Samantha up to start in the fall. 

Chris also got to brew this weekend.  A friend from work is letting him borrow a grain mill so he's finally able to buy bulk grains and save a little bit of money in the process.  The mill worked pretty well and he's finishing up the boil tonight. 

I have still been trying to organize the house - it's a slow process.  As I go through parts of the house, I realize what I need to make it more functional.  One thing we've been lacking is easy access storage for our cold weather gear.  I used an oatmeal box I emptied this week and turned it into two boxes to store our hats and gloves.  It may not be the prettiest but it's functional and hidden in the front closet - but the best part is the I spent $0. 

This week we have more work to finish upstairs - it's not fun or easy.  The closet needs some additional framing around the duct work before we can drywall that wall.  It also won't be easy to finish the drywall since there are so many corners.  We also have more drywall work to finish in the bathroom before we can prime and paint those areas.  Let's hope we're able to get everything completed soon!

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