Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow = 4 Day Weekend!

This long, long weekend had some ups and downs for us.  I was sick on Saturday and haven't felt fully recovered until today.  Fortunately, Chris was home so I was able to sleep a lot to get better. 

The rest of the weekend was very cold and windy.  We stayed home from church on Sunday to avoid spreading my germs and because of the wintry conditions outside. 

We did get some work completed upstairs though.  The closet space needed drywall but first Chris had to build some framing for a bulkhead around the ducting.  We know that it's not the prettiest but it's in a closet and once it's painted it will be wonderful!

Monday was President's Day so Chris was home already.  I was able to prime the parts for the stair railing in my makeshift spray booth downstairs.

Tuesday morning brought in enough snow that they canceled work for Chris so he was able to stay home one more day.  It was great having him home so much!

Some other things/pictures from the week:

Samantha has started tracing letters - and wanted to send a few Valentine's cards.  Here's one to her cousin Jenna.  She traced over the "SAM" and did a pretty good job!

She also started her dance class this week.  The class runs for 12 weeks and it's basically just the girls having fun - singing songs, dancing, playing, etc.  It's an independent class so the parents sit in the lobby and there is a video monitor so you can see what is going on.  Samantha is the one in the black leotard.

She had so much fun and can't wait to go back!

Since Lent is starting, we made a "Lent calendar" so that she can count down the days until Easter.  She taped all these onto her white board (and we've already had a couple Josh incidents already). 

We also have a "Lenten Sacrifices" jar.  When she does good things during Lent she gets to put a dried kidney bean in a jar and on Easter the kidney beans turn into jelly beans.  She already earned 3 today so I better stock up on jelly beans this year!

One other thing Chris accomplished while he was home was getting Josh to imitate the word "dada."  He hasn't said it unprompted yet but hopefully he'll be talking soon.

He's also enjoyed playing in his tunnels in the basement a lot - particularly when they are covered in balls.

That's it for this week.  Hopefully we'll have more progress to share after this week!

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